Delicious & Nutrient Dense

One of our greatest lessons came with the realization that producing delicious bison cannot be reduced to a single factor. A web of relationships, over time, is required to achieve the best possible flavor. Relationships between the animals, the landscape, the soil, the grass & the stewards who gently guide them.

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Simply Delicious

"Everything has been beyond our expectations. My family from Ontario just visited and we ate Bison all week. Typically they come for the Alberta Beef but the different Bison dishes were certainly the food highlight of their trip.

We would highly recommend Sych Homestead and their Bison!"

— The Pipe Family | ★★★★★

One Hundred & Twenty Years Strong

We glean the learnings of past generations in order to better care for the following ones.

  • About Us — We’re the Sychs!

    We might not describe ourselves as anything other than students and stewards of the land, but others have said about us that we are deeply genuine, caring folk who want to make everyday eating better for your family.

  • Our Regenerative Bison Farm

    In farming, nothing is ever perfect or complete. We focus on judiciously adapting what is here to better meet our regenerative goals. Keeping the best of the past while moving forwards toward a productive, vibrant balance.