How are our animals Raised?

We graze our herd on lush pasture in a way that is aligned with nature's natural cycles.

Meat that is free of Hormones & Anibiotics

Nature is a clever thing that understands far more complexity than we could ever hope to comprehend. As such, we believe that when an animal becomes ill, it is simply the natural current of things taking place.

We do not use homones or antibiotics in our Bison herd, we just let nature take it's course.

Regenerative practices & humble stewards

Great bison begins with great soil the same way great relationships begin with hello.

There are countless moments and elements that add up to create our thriving farm.

We believe our role is not to change or control everything, but instead to steward gently towards a productive & vibrant balance.

How to order? Easy Does it.

A simple process to get some delicious bison from our land to your table.

  • Decide how much you need.

    While meat stored correctly in a deep-freeze can stay good for quite some time, we suggest you decide based on how much your family consumes in a year.

  • Customize your cuts.

    Custom butchery sounds intimidating to some, so we will send you an informational ordering sheet that will help guide you through your selection.

    Note: We are a call away, always.

  • Wait (somewhat) patiently.

    We typically harvest animals monthly from March to October, so we will do our best to get our order in swiftly.

    This being said, raising delicious bison takes time, and it's worth the wait.

A HALF BISON : The Details

It can be difficult to envision what a Quarter, Half or Whole bison might look like once it's in your freezer, so here is what a sample Half Bison order can look like.

  • How many pounds?

    Half Bison ≈ 175 to 210 lbs

    Freezer space ≈ 8 cu. ft.

    Note that the final weight is determined once the animal is harvested.

  • Bison Steaks

    typically 7-11 oz each

    5 tenderloin steaks

    21 Ribeye Steaks

    11 New York Steaks

    18 Sirloin Steaks

    6 Chuck Steaks

  • Bison Roasts

    typically 3-4 lbs each

    1 Sirloin Tip Roast

    2 Cross Rib Roast

    2 Inside Round Roast

    2 Chuck Roasts

    2 Rump Roasts

  • Ribs & Ground Meat

    1 rack of back ribs

    Short ribs if desired

    70-90 lbs of ground meat

Ordering a Whole Bison doubles this & a Quarter Bison cuts things roughly in half.
You have control over how your animal is butched your final cuts therefore weights and variety will likely vary from what you see above.

Things to note:

When ordering a Quarter, Half or Whole Bison, it's important to note that some cuts and artisan products are made from roasts & ground.

  • Cuts That Come From Roasts

    Cuts such as minute steak, stewing cubes, and stir fry strips come from different cuts of roasts. Meaning that if you request these cuts your number of roasts decreases but you gain a great variety of cuts.

  • Artisanal Product Made From Ground

    Artisan products such as sausage, smokies, pepperoni, burgers, and jerky are made from ground. Meaning that if you request these products, your amount of ground decreases but you gain delicious variety.

Don't want to fuss over butchering? No Problem.

We put together The Homestead Half for those who want the value of a half bison, but do not have the freezer space to store it all at once.

Bonus: No butchering sheet required — we do it for you.

Purchase a Homestead Half

Quick Question?

What's the timeframe on ordering Bison?

If your order from our Signature Boxes or Add-Ons, you could have it in had as soon as next Saturaday.

If you order a Quarter, Half or Whole animal however you are looking at multiple weeks (but we will keep you in the loop! The animal needs to be harvested & sent for butchering after you send us your butchering order. So it takes a little time, but it's worth it!

Can I purchase an individual cut of meat?

We have a handful of cuts listed in the shop under Add-Ons.

If those are not what you are looking for, we suggest you visit us at the farm, on any given Saturday between 10AM and 1PM.

Need a little less bison?

We know that a quarter, half or whole animal is not for everyone.

So, we've created a selection of Signature Boxes & Specialty Add-Ons to introduce you to our world.

Discover our Selection