Can I purchase individual cuts of meat vs a package?

At this time, the best way to get an individual cut of meat is to visit us at the farm, most Saturday between 10AM and 1PM.

I have never ordered a half or whole Bison, how do I do this?

Orders are received year round via Sych Homestead online store. Chose your selection of whole or half, fill out the cutting instructions and on a first ordered first filled basis we will put you in the queue for butchering of our animals. However the bison are only harvested when they are ready; they are ready starting in March and no later than the last day in September.

Can I visit your farm?

Yes, we would love for you to visit! We are open on Saturday's from 10am to 1pm. Get directions here.


How old are bison when they are ready to eat?

Bison females are ready when they reach 1000lbs and males 1300lbs. Our bison reach these weights in 20 to 28 months.

How old do Bison live to be?

Bison can live to be up to thirty years old and we have a relatively young cow herd aged 3 yrs - 7 yrs old.

What do your Bison eat?

In summer our bison are rotationally grazed in pastures of diverse grasses & legumes (brome grass, orchard grass, soft leaf tall fescue, slender wheat grass, sainfoin, alfalfa, and vetch).

Come winter we focus on regenerative techniques of bale grazing and swath grazing an annual blend of grass and legumes.

How much does a Bison eat in a day?

Bison cows will eat on average 2.5% of their body weight in a day.

Because of the moisture difference between summer forage and winter bales or swaths, this means each animal eats about 45 lbs of grass in pasture and 32 lbs of dry hay in winter.

Do you name your Bison?

There are two many females to name....however we have named our Breeding Bulls; Ruger, Homer, Pumba, Timone.

How big does a Bison get?

Sych Homestead mature Bison cows are averaging 1250lbs and male Breeding Bulls are around 2000lbs. The finished Bison females are around 1000lbs and finished Bison males are around 1300lbs.

At what age does a Bison female have her first calf?

Sych Homestead Bison females are bred at a little over two years of age and are three years old when they deliver their first Bison calf.

Bison Meat

What are Sych Homestead favourite cuts of Bison?

We love the natural variety of ALL cuts that the Bison provides. Sharril has posted in our Journal, and future blog recipe that are family favourites using various cuts of the Bison.

What is marbling?

Marbling is the fat in-between muscle fibres. It is what provides rich flavour and added tenderness to a cut of meat. Bison are naturally designed to add a healthy amount of marbling to each cut just by grazing the prairies.

Is grass fed meat healthier than grain finished meat?

From a regenerative agriculture perspective the meat is only as healthy as the soil it was raised on. If you want to eat healthy, nutrient and mineral dense meat, you need to have healthy, nutrient and mineral dense soil. The bison apart of the ecosystem that make up healthy soil that can take generations of the right farming practices.