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Deposit - Whole Bison

Our Largest Bison Share

All of our bison are rotationally grazed in lush pastures, never fed grain and are free of hormones & antibiotics.

Final Weight: ≈350 to 420 lbs of meat
Freezer space ≈ 16 cu. ft.
Total Cost: You can expect the total cost to be between $3600 - $4600 based on the final weight of the animal.

Note that it takes at least four weeks to get a bison share.

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What happens after placing my order?

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to fill out our butchering form. From there, you can expect to get an email from us within a week to let you know when your animal will be harvested. After the harvest date, it takes an average of three weeks for hanging, cutting and wrapping. And of course, we will let you know once your order is ready for pickup or delivery.

How will I be billed after paying the deposit?

Once the final weight is obtained (after cutting/wrapping) you will receive an invoice with the outstanding amount owing. You will have the option to choose your method of payment for the final invoice - it does not need to be the one you use during checkout.

Why the weight range?

The beauty of nature is it doesn’t make everything the same. No one animal is exactly the same as the next and typically bison males will be heavier than the females at harvest time. So your final price will be based on the weight of the animal that is harvested for you.

Pickup & Delivery:

We offer delivery and pick-up on quarter, half, and whole animals. Once your bison is cut and wrapped, you will receive an email to finalize the time and place for pick-up or delivery.

Farm pickup is always an option. It would be scheduled on any Saturday after your order is ready.

You can make a preliminary choice during checkout and we will confirm once it’s ready.

Care Instructions

Your bison will be frozen before delivery and packed into insulated boxes to maintain freshness.

Please get your bison home and into the freezer as soon as possible after pickup.